03: Patrick Mahon Interview

Patrick Mahon is a humble man with a great heart for music and words. He's possibly the best sounding health care worker you've heard. In this super enjoyable interview we talk about his long history as a lover of music, and his enjoyment of the tones of music.

Patrick is kickstarting his first formally recorded album, a two sided piece called "Allegheny". He plays one of the tracks off the upcoming album called "Austria" that speaks about his experience living in a renovated Carthusian Monastery through Franciscan University's study abroad program in Austria. Not very many people have heard the full song, so take advantage of this first peek.

I really hope you enjoy this interview and Patrick as much as I did.

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Show Notes 

Patrick's Kickstarter
Patrick's Murderpedia.com entry
If anyone can find the Tom Waits interview referenced...let me know.
Tom Waits Coffee and Cigarettes 
(this video really has nothing to do with the conversation, except that its Tom Waits and brilliant)
Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond play Take Five
Noah Gundersen plays Cigarettes (this is turning into a theme...)
Gaming, Austria Monastery for FUS Study Abroad program
Patrick Mahon's Facebook Page
Photo of Patrick from Drawn to the Image

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