12: Cory Heimann: Custodian of Beauty

Its been so difficult waiting to publish this interview with Cory Heimann, I'm up at midnight chugging tea and waking up the neighbors I'm so excited. Cory sat down with me to talk about his art: Likable Art. We went deep on what art is, what it means to call yourself an artist, art as relationship with the Creator, and if bad art even exists. I also got to ask him some questions about his video editing workflow and he shares some tips for video recording.  I really loved his advice to follow your curiosity in all projects and art. This episode has by far the most show notes, and they're all super great stuff. Enjoy this interview and go make something. No more excuses.

Show Notes

Learn to Wield the Catechism and Make Cocktails
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Likable Art
Parish Designer
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Ira Glass "The Gap"
Alex Blumberg
Sean Wes Podcast
Casey Neistat (explicit)
Blaine Hogan
Cory Heimann "Art and Education"
Edmund's Interview with Inspired Angela
Fizzle Show (explicit)
Drunk Ex Pastors (explicit?)
Brian Callen Show (explicit)
Fr, Mike Schmitz Homilies

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