I had so much fun hanging with Allison and I'm so grateful for her ministry and show, that I made y'all a little something special here. A few gifts to help you pray with the Catechism and Scripture.

First, you can download a printable pdf prayer guide I made. Think of it like Dual Wielding training wheels. I matched up catechism passages with Scripture, and give a little area for you to write during prayer. The guide takes you through the names of Jesus. 

Second, if you enter your email, I'll send you the first couple chapters of the book. I think you'll love it. I'll also send you more of the tools, books, and cool stuff that changed the game for my prayer and the catechism over the last couple years.

Thanks again Allison! And everyone else... I have something super imporSQUIRREL!

Edmund Mitchell


Dual Wielding: A Guide to Praying with the Catechism and Scripture


Enter your email and I'll send you the first couple chapters of the book as a thank you for being so cool.