Build a daily habit of prayer.

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Do you have a hard time praying consistently?
Do you struggle to make prayer a part of your daily routine?
Are you unsure how to pray?

This free 10 day mini-course will walk you through the tools and habits you need to build a powerful daily prayer life. 


Combining simplicity with accountability. 

Daily Emails. I'll guide you through it step by step.

3 Minutes a Day. 10 days building a solid daily habit of prayer. You'll lay foundations for a structure of daily prayer that will stand the test of time. 

Accountability. You reply yes or no each morning to three short questions.

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I thought this course was well worth taking. It challenged me and helped me to solidify my prayer life.
— Amanda

people who've been through PrayDaily:

Reverb Culture’s PrayDaily course was really helpful to me in building a life of personal prayer Not only did it help me build good prayer habits, it also helped demystify what personal prayer is and what it looks like. I recommend this course for someone who wants to find more time to pray but is at a loss to know how.
— Laura
The PrayDaily course made me examine the sincerity of my prayer life and the importance of giving God the day even when it’s hard to pray.
— Laura
The course motivated me and focused me to start a structured daily prayer and I think that is totes awesome.
— Kevin
I would definitely recommend this course to others because it is a simple way to build a stronger relationship with God. It helped me to seek out resources that I would probably never done without joining this course. I feel much closer to God and I now have a good foundation to continue building the relationship that is the most important in my life! Thank you Reverb Culture!
— Elisha
If [you] are looking to make praying a daily habit and have so far been unsuccessful, this program might be a good option for them.
— Marielle