We're those crazy people who believe the Catechism is a game-changer. We don't have all the answers, but we're striving to retransform the letter into a living voice.


Edmund Mitchell, that guy with too many books 

Yeah, library in his home. He likes to do stuff. Youth minister in the Toledo area with a beautiful wife and three kids (one in the womb) and super powers.

hoto Credit:  Mitya Ku

Christian Weil, that guy you met at Trader Joe's

Those aren't just huskies on his hat and fanny pack, they are wolves. This kid has a serious appetite for the mundane. He could show you how to tie 12 knots. Crap this guy invented peeing sitting down. The Germans get it 'Sitzpinkler'.



Jonathan Cardinal, that guy's jaw could grate cheese

Sorry ladies, he's taken. Oh, and for the record, he wouldnt have time for you any way - he is way to busy Crossfit training while writing love songs for his wife that would make the Song of Solomon blush.

Sarah Spies, that girl that talks about Jesus

It’s hard to talk about yourself without talking about Jesus. If your identity is in Him, it’s not that you've entirely lost yourself; it’s just that without Him…well, everything about you is meaningless. At least that’s this Texas woman feels.  She's from Austin and loves being outside, especially barefoot. Her motto in life: Choose the path with the most Love. Oh, and St. John the Dwarf II is her little brother (because there actually is a St. John the dwarf already...look him up #obedienceisbliss). So don't mess with her.


Alan Badia, that guy that speaks in sound effects

vdsafdsfdsafdsfdsaf boom boom mooo wooo wow teeeee hipppp chow chow chow duck quack feeee beepbeepbeeperyfreakingbeep

Mark Vallone, that guy you saw at a Regina Spektor concert

He's our resident expert in cool. 


Michael Gormley, that guy that ate your pinky

I am laughing so hard.


Ashley Brashear, that girl who flipped your desk

Teacher. Loves Jesus...and reading. She is the professional-executive-editor-in-chief of the blog side of things.


Greg Hurst, that guy just made your coffee

Make that a venti.  Melting your retinas with caffeine and Benedict.  He's also professional-executive-editor-in-chief of the blog side of things.