New to Reverb Culture?

Intimidated by that big green catechism thing?

Do you enjoy beer, rants about hipsters, and Mexico?

Below are some things we made just for you.

Hopefully these are resources that will help put you in touch with the pulsating heart of the Catechism.

Join us as we strive to live out what the Church teaches, to make it our life's credo, and to engage the world with the proposition of faith.


"We need to discover the catechism's pulsating heart. And what is this heart? It is not a dogma...It is a person: Jesus Christ!"
- Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa

Catechism Resources List

A master list of all the useful resources out there to help you catch the spirit and heart of the Catechism. Books, videos, articles, and tools to get you up to speed.


Reverb Culture Podcast

The official Reverb Culture conversation is going on here. Some teaching episodes for you to think on, coupled with some culture, beer, and crazy. Send us your questions at 

Catechism & Cocktails
Online Webinar

Get up to speed super fast and saucy-like with this online course. A one hour webinar where we get you up to speed fast and even throw in a lesson in how to make the two official Reverb Culture cocktail drinks. Sign up for the webinar here.

Reverb Culture Blog

Part magazine, part conversation, part experimentation. Check out lots of articles that will help you get into the swing of things. Written by a wide range of authors, these are attempts at opening the Catechism up and engaging the world.

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