"The catechism requires 
a community of disciples."

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI


The heart of this movement is relationship. The first relationship is between God and man. The second, and very crucial relationship is between me and you. When we started this movement, we only had a vague idea about the direction we were headed. But we did know that if we came together as a community of people striving toward the same goal, we would reach something none of us could have imagined. This movement is alive through prayer, but YOU are what push this movement forward.

We wish everyone could have the same type of fellowship we have expereinced, and we hope in some ways that this website is a place for us to share fellowship over vast distances. 

But, as Ashley once said as we were all talking online via a G+ hangout over beers, you can't just stay on this dang website. You have to go and live this out in the world. There are two types of things you can find on this page:

1. Things that help you join our online community and connect with us and other people who are a part of this movement

2. Resources that will help you create real-life community in your area

It's tempting to do what is easy. But I know you can do better than easy. YOU know you can do better than easy. Try something different.


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