Welcome letter!

One of the questions we get often is "What the heck is Reverb Culture?". I've realized that not everyone who visits the site or is a fan signs up for our email list. (Which you should!) When new people join the Reverb Culture community, we shoot them an email that's like our elevator pitch on what Reverb Culture is all about. I though it might help to make it public here. So, welcome! Check it out. 

Hey friend,

Thanks for joining the Reverb Culture community! My name's Edmund. You might be wondering: "Edmund, what the heck did I just give up my precious email address for?" Well we certainly won't be sending you cat videos.

We strongly believe Reverb Culture is an opportunity for immense revival in the Church today. "Periods of renewal in the Church are also intense moments of catechesis" (CCC 8) But what is Reverb Culture? Here's our working mission statement:

Reverb Culture is a community of young adults creating a culture of wild living by engaging the faith, each other, and the world through the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The Catechism Movement has been on my heart for a few years now. I've found that it is easier to explain it by first saying what it is NOT. 

The Catechism Movement is NOT: 

  • just a website
  • just a resource of information
  • just one person
  • experts preaching at amateurs
  • static

It's, as Pope Benedict says the Catechism needs, a place where the interior teacher, the exterior teacher, and the community of disciples necessary for the Catechism can all be found. The Catechism Movement, Reverb Culture, is just that: a movement and a culture. Maybe a sub-culture. Which means that it needs a community of people to give it energy and life. This community can retransform the letter of the catechism into a living voice. 

Which is exactly why I'm not the only one working on getting this movement off the ground. There is a team of talented Catholic young adults who have courageously joined forces to build this thing with me (you'll get to meet them soon), and we need your help. We need your help, perspective, voice, talent, taste, passions and inspiration to build a culture built on the firm foundation of Truth given to us by God through the Church. We need your love for Jesus Christ.

So on that note, why not  leave a comment and introduce yourself? We read and respond to every comment and really appreciate getting to know you.

For bonus points, tell us what the biggest challenge in your life is right now, no matter how big or small. For me, the biggest challenge in my life as a 20-something recently married guy with three kids and a full time job is balancing work, family, and prayer. What's yours?

Be sure to browse around the site and checkout the blogs, videos, podcasts, and join a Catechism Hangout Group through the Online Course. Start interacting with the Catechism and with others in the community. Pray with the Catechism and share it with your friends. Love the Faith.

Thanks for journeying with us and helping create something amazing.

Edmund Mitchell
Founder, Reverb Culture

## P.S. We would love to get to know you and hear from you, so feel free to email us at reverbculture@gmail.com or tweet at us @reverb_culture and say hello! If you are interested in submitting and article, send us your article or article idea in an email. We love guest posts!

Or share some of your thoughts/questions/cat videos.

Reverb Culture
Establish Feb. 22, 2014
Feast of the Chair of St. Peter