God Unfiltered.

Sepia. Mayfair. Amaro. Kelvin. Wait not Kelvin, Kelvin sucks. Sutro. Hefe. Filters - the list goes on.

Who are you, unfiltered?

Those pictures of you in your childhood never had a filter. Those pictures of your parents when they were young lovebirds didn’t have contrast or lux adjustments. We cherish those older images because there is a certain innocence to them; the memories remain untainted. Whole. Unfiltered.

Reverb Culture is all about this unfiltered wholeness. We want to inspire Catholics to search for the face of God free from filters. Think organic food versus processed food. Organic Jesus of Nazareth versus artificially processed Jesus.

We’re undoubtedly blessed to have many brilliant Catholic minds explaining the faith in new, engaging ways, but sometimes others’ insights keep us from participating in searching the face of God. It relieves us from the experience of encountering God face to face, because we think someone’s done it for us, and documented it in a nice, tidy package for our consumption. We end up receiving someone else’s Jesus instead of the one true universal King of Kings.  

It’s easy to adopt Scott Hahn’s idea of Jesus, or Pope Francis’ idea of Jesus; however, these great spiritual men formed their image of Jesus by meeting Him daily in his Revelation, in his Sacraments, in his teachings, and in the intimacies of prayer. Jesus is unfiltered when he is exposed in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, for your consumption. Jesus is unfiltered when you directly encounter his person, Divinely Revealed, in the Sacred Scriptures. God is unfiltered when you allow his beatitudes to challenge your lifestyle. God is unfiltered when he initiates your prayer before you even open your Magnificat. God is unfiltered when you live a life based on a Four Pillar Lifestyle.    

In many places and in many ways, the faith has been stripped from its organic, unfiltered purpose - Jesus! Jesus, whom Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI says “is not an idea but an encounter with the living God who is our Father, who in his Son Jesus Christ has assumed human nature, who unites us to the Holy Spirit and who, in all this, remains the one and only God.”

You’ll know the filtered Jesus of whom I speak if you’ve sat through a lame CCE class within the last 30 years; you may have taken a test over the Sacrament of Confirmation and had to list the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, with the threat of not graduating from...Church? Jesus isn’t just the answer to question #7 on your test, He is THE person this test is supposed to inspire you to love.

Is Jesus set on a permanent filter in your life?   

Unfiltered encounter with the Lord is the reason to live a Four Pillar lifestyle. The unfiltered approach is called Christocentricity - which simply means that Jesus is the living center of everything, “the pulsating heart” of these four pillars, and nothing makes sense without him.

Four Pillar Living is the key to encountering God unfiltered. The key to living a Four Pillar Life is to be Christocentric.




To aid in living the Four Pillar Lifestyle, we’ve crafted what we affectionately call the Examination of Balance (located in our e-book). The Examination of Balance is a self-reflection, meant to identify areas where you may be missing out on the full, organic structure of the Catholic faith as laid out in the four pillars of the Catechism:

The Creed, Sacraments, Moral Life, and Prayer.

These four pillars are the foundation where Jesus’ followers continue to encounter him beyond the resurrection. It is where we encounter God unfiltered.

In case you want a little refresher, here is a quick reference guide to the four pillars:   

Creed - This is the apostles’ teachings. The great story of how God gives himself to man, and our response to Him as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Meet the Trinity. Basically, you gotta know your roots, kid. The New Jerusalem wasn’t just built in a day.

Sacraments - This is rooted in the “breaking of the bread” or the liturgy. God’s Salvation of man, the Cross, is made present and accessible through the liturgy and Sacraments. Basically, if you're doing it right, Mass should not be boring.

Morality - The “communal life” or life in Christ. These are the 10 Commandments and more. If Christ died for you, your life should reflect it. Head high, heart humbled. Your neighbor will love you for this one, because you're expected to love him too.

Prayer - Ok, think this one is a no-brainer? Think again. In the Catechism, prayer is Christian Prayer; the distinction lies in Jesus Christ personally boosting your reception to the Most High. Intimate prayer from the heart takes precedence, as Christ personally teaches you to make the Our Father the most authentic prayer of your life. It is the lived relationship the Apostles had with Jesus.      

The (extra) fifth component in the Examination of Balance is Christocentricity. This is the glue that holds the four pillars together and breathes life to everything written in the Catechism. Although Christocentricity isn’t a pillar, it is the pulsating heart of each paragraph in the Catechism. This component opens the door for you to walk deeper into each pillar.

Imagine how attractive our lives will become to those who are authentically seeking God. Imagine what our homes and character will speak to people when our lives become immersed in the depth and beauty of true unfiltered Catholicism. This is the lives of the saints, this is the belief, the celebrations, the acts, and the prayers of the saints. This can be our lives.

Live a Four Pillar Lifestyle and transform our culture. Join a community of young adults who are striving to encounter the Living God unfiltered so that He may enter into our daily lives unhindered and radically transform the core of your life.  Dr. Ryan Topping says that “Culture is born of our response to revelation.”

So become a part of the partnership of God. Unfilter Him and let Him enter your life uncensored, and unabridged. Together let’s build a reverb culture.