The iPhone 5 of CCCs



We here at Reverb Culture are excited about having our movement finally gaining steam.  Many of you have expressed a desire to begin diving into the pages of the Catechism in a more profound way than before.  Some of you are planning on doing that by dedicating yourselves to reading through the CCC this Lent.  This is music to our ears.

Except, one thing.

You see, slimmer isn't always better.  You're beautiful just the way you are and whatnot.

But when it comes to the CCC, shedding a couple of pounds makes a world of difference.  Our friends in Australia seem to understand this better than we do.

Yes, that beauty of a Catechism in the above picture is the Australia edition, and the same edition you see in all of our artwork for the site.  It is, simply, the greatest.  You also can't find it on Amazon.  This is super-secret stuff right here.

So go ahead and treat yourself. Get it in the Reverb Culture store.